Quality and certification

In line with the Group’s policies, Soprema SRL has long adopted high quality standards that take material form in a series of certifications covering not only the performance requirements of the single products but also the management of company processes.
The range of products is characterised by prestigious certifications issued by the most authoritative European institutions. The expanded polystyrene products cut from blocks carry a wide range of certifications distinguishes the EFYOS PU insulating panels. Efyos also makes use of leading institutes and testing laboratories for undertaking technical trials on its thermal and acoustic insulation products.
The Company boats a Certified Quality Control System in accordance with ISO 9001. Introducing a Quality Control System into the company means organising all the activities in an efficient manner and systematically controlling them to guarantee the level of quality of the product. The Quality Control System is thus an instrument aimed at assuring customer satisfaction, which is obtained through the efficiency of the company’s performance.