Building on its history, which began over fifty years ago, Soprema SRL looks to the future of the world of materials for thermal and acoustic insulation by undertaking constant research, in pre and after-sale consultancy, and in technical training aimed at project design professionals. The fulcra of our activities are the challenge of zero emissions and the striving for the greatest possible comfort, which have been the impulse underlying the latest products introduced into our range.
Efyos’s R&D comprises a staff of people working to develop new technologies and solutions in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation. The members of the R&D department have developed specific technical skills making it possible to work daily on improving the products with the aim of offering the market solutions at the highest performance levels. The staff’s commitment to optimising production processes constantly seeks to attain the best operational conditions in terms of optimising the use of resources and guaranteeing the sustainability of processes, in order to improve the economic and ecological characteristics of the products.