26 January 2017

Outlet Torino Village

Soprema group is the main protagonist for the 40,000 square meters roofing of the new Torino Outlet Village, that is under construction close to Torino city center. All main roofing layers are materials manufactured by Soprema Group.

The roofing structure is a TPO warm roof with fixed concrete ballasting; it is characterised by the application of a thermo-insulating element Efigreen Alu+ in PIR polyurethane, thickness 8 mm, Lambda 0,022 and by a waterproofing synthetic TPO membrane (Thermoplastic modified POlyolefines) FLAGON EP/PV, 1.8 mm thickness, which setting is independent from the structure.

The setting of the whole roofing has been quickly carried out by Tecnosimper, from Sedriano, in just 40 working days. The insulation polyurethane PIR plates Efigreen Alu+ are HCFC free, certified ACERMI and branded EC, and comply with Regulation UNI 13165.