STYRHOLZ is the wood fiber board for thermal insulation, made by wood fibers fir-oriented and tied with mineralized cement, conforming to the standard UNI EN 13168, which is available in different models: STYRHOLZ H, plain board in wood fiber, STYRHOLZ HEPS, wood fiber board laminated with one EPS board, STYRHOLZ HEPSH, sandwich board made by two wood fiber boards and one EPS board in the middle


  • correction of thermal bridges of beams and columns
  • integral layer to increase the surface mass
  • formworks

STYRHOLZ AKUSTIK is the board for sound insulation, consisting of thin fibers of wood spruce bound with cement, according to UNI EN 13168 and UNI EN 13964, available in with shaped edges for laying of metal profiles.


  • acoustic false ceiling installation in compliance with the structural support with mechanical fasteners
  • suspended acoustical false ceilings
  • sound insulation of walls with mechanical fasteners or metal structure